Craig-Y-Mor Bed & Breakfast with Sea Views

Craig-Y-Mor Bed & Breakfast with Sea Views

Terms and Conditions

Adults Only
We are an adult only bed and breakfast. No children.

Payments and Cancellation
Full accommodation cost is charged 14 days prior to arrival. Free cancellation if you cancel more than 14 days before arrival.

Cancellation by Us
Craig-Y-Mor Bed and Breakfast reserves the right to cancel a reservation at short notice if we are unable to provide accommodation due to, ill health, fire, flooding or any other extenuating circumstances beyond our control. Under such circumstances, your full payment will be returned to you. Craig-Y-Mor Bed and Breakfast cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss, including consequential loss, caused by cancellation.

Property Loss
Craig-Y-Mor Bed and Breakfast cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Smoking Policy
Craig-Y-Mor the house and gardens are strictly NO SMOKING & NO E CIGARETTES. If you smoke or use e cigarettes, please do it away from the premises.

The towels are provided for use in the guest rooms only. Beach Towels are available on request for a small extra cost.

Consideration for Others
Craig-Y-Mor is a family home as well as a B&B establishment set in a peaceful location. If you are out for the night and arrive back late, please consider other guests.

House Guests
Only paying guests are permitted in the guest rooms. It is with regret that we have had to introduce this rule because in the past visitors have invited back guests who in turn have abused the facilities.

Dog Policy
Sorry, we don’t accommodate dogs or any other pets / animals anywhere on the premises.

Accidental Damages
Should any significant damage or breakage occur a charge for replacement may be made. No wetsuits, surfboards, bikes or any other outdoor equipment to be brought inside the property please.